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"“The PERL M+ is a modern research device, based upon more than 25 years of development of my original discoveries. The PERL M+ didn’t get as good and effective as it is overnight. A lot of hard work and effort on the part of Resonant Light has gone into making improvements and what are now multiple generations of devices.

A great, state of the art device is just one part of the overall aspect to a frequency instrument. Resonant Light Technology is also the industry leader in customer service. Their multi decade commitment to helping their customers effectively utilize their instruments has been critical to the long history of successes the PERL M+ has achieved.”"
Dr. James Bare
Rife Machine Expert


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This official paper was produced by a team of Rife frequency experts with over two decades of research experience using a lot of different instruments. If you are browsing Rife reviews or you are interested in the use of frequency technology for wellness, this short read is for you.




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    We are Resonant Light Technology and we’ve been supporting frequency research since 1995. We are located in British Columbia, Canada. We reply to all your inquiries within 2 business days.

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    We’re here to help and educate people. For 24 years, we’ve been a beacon of light for countless frequency enthusiasts worldwide. We would be truly honored to assist you on your wellness journey too.

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    People. Interacting with you gives meaning to everything we do and hearing your success stories wills us with a joy that words can’t even begin to describe.

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