Dr. James Bare

on Resonant Light Technology

Dr. Bare is a living legend in the ever-buzzing world of frequency technology. He is bar none the most accomplished and most knowledgeable scientist to pursue Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s research on frequencies. His extensive research and published studies truly made Rife technology what it is today. We sat down with Dr. Bare for an in-depth talk about all things frequencies.

At a glance:

• Dr. Bare is a pillar within the Rife community and one of its most respected experts.
• His research has helped hundreds of thousands of people.
• Resonant Light Technology’s work is based upon his breakthrough discoveries.
• Temper your expectations, results don’t happen overnight.
• The new PERL is the best Rife-Bare type of research device available today.

Dr. Bare's research devices over the years

RESONANT LIGHT : Dr. Bare, can you please tell us a little about yourself?

“I was introduced to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his work. Things completely clicked for me.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I have had a strong relationship with natural therapeutics most of my adult life. My interest in frequency technologies goes back into my childhood. When I was 8 years old I discovered Morse Code – a form of pulsed electricity to convey information. Later as a teenager I discovered Tesla, Steinmetz, and others, who literally became my childhood heroes. I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles in 1976. Becoming a Chiropractor provided me with an interest in healing using a variety of electrotherapeutic devices. What appealed to me was that these machines were not chemicals in a bottle and importantly they could be used to heal people.

Around 1993, I was introduced to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his work. Things completely clicked for me. I was familiar with the concepts of healing, using wide band Radio Frequencies (RF) through the work of Georges Lakhovsky. I also had heard about the early electrotherapy devices where people would literally take “electric showers”. Tesla was also involved with some of these early devices. Barry Lynes book on Dr. Rife was instrumental in my deciding that it might be possible to re-create a device that was similar in some respects to that of Rife’s. My first instrument was developed and tested in 1994, and when tested on micro-organisms actually worked! There is a long story to all this, but suffice it to say, my first instrument received worldwide recognition! The rest as they say, is history.

I retired in 2015 after almost 39 years of practice but am still quite active with frequency instruments. Some readers may be aware that I am part of a small research group. We are continually pushing envelopes and trying new things. As a part of the improvements made by Resonant Light to their instruments, the discoveries made and research outcomes from our small group are passed onto Resonant Light and utilized to benefit the owners and users of their instruments.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : How is your work part of Resonant Light Technology?

“The new PERL is a modern research device based upon over 26 years of development by Resonant Light Technology of my original discoveries.

Don Tunney, the founder of Resonant Light, was an important pioneer in the industry. In those early years of the mid 90s, Rife’s work and name were almost unknown. There were a few frequency instruments on the market; many were ineffective and flaunted having capabilities they did not possess. There was a lot of negativity about all things pertaining to Rife. Some of this negativity came from inside a small group of people that were working with what they claimed were “Rife devices”. Needless to say, I ran into opposition from several sources when I first came on the scene.

Don used the internet to bring forth the worldwide respectability and renewal of interest in frequency therapies to hundreds of thousands of people. He was instrumental in encouraging and helping to nurture development of the fledgling resonant frequency therapies community. A short few years later, Don founded Resonant Light Technology and decided to begin manufacturing his own devices. The early Rife instruments were simple and based upon available components. Don soon saw the need for purpose-made components and took the time, effort, and money, to see that they were developed. He also introduced protocols and frequencies for the community that are used to this day in his legacy device, the new PERL.

Continuous development has occurred over the following decades. Improvements were based upon lessons learned from actual application and new discoveries, which have continuously improved his original devices. New developments in electronics, along with deeper understandings of physiological processes behind the effects, are the driving force of advancement. We are now literally generations removed and improved from that simple early unit created back in 1995.

The new PERL is a modern research device, based upon more than 26 years of development of my original discoveries. The PERL didn’t get as good and effective as it is overnight. A lot of hard work and effort on the part of Resonant Light has gone into making improvements and what are now multiple generations of devices.

A great, state of the art device is just one part of the overall aspect to a frequency instrument. Resonant Light Technology is also the industry leader in customer service. Their multi decade commitment to helping their customers effectively utilize their instruments has been critical to the long history of successes the new PERL has achieved. As Don used to say “The device is always working” meaning that one must be able to apply it effectively. Don’s legacy lives on not just through the devices, but also through commitment to counselling and assisting Resonant Light customers in the use of their devices.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Is Resonant Light Technology the beginning of a new era of wellness?

“The problem with society worldwide is that we are all taught from the time we are children to utilize chemicals to treat disease.

The problem with society worldwide is that we are all taught from the time we are children to utilize chemicals to treat disease. From the time we are conscious, we are told to “see your doctor”. We are told this thousands of times every year and that gets repeated for every year of one’s life until they die. Same goes with “take this medication or pill” for this condition or that condition. Get yourself a blue pill, get this immunization and so on. It never ends: one cannot read a magazine, turn on a TV or a radio and not be subjected to this constant form of message reinforcement. Then there are the vicious hit pieces on those that would use a non medical method of healing to treat people. There is a multi-billion dollar influence on government and legislation. Those responsible for the constant unending promotion of health through chemicals have a strangle hold on people’s consciousness and governments world wide. The propaganda persists from cradle to grave. So that being said, such programming is what someone new brings to the discussion when they are inquiring about frequency therapies. They will often filter what is being said through prior experience and the subconscious meme of “health comes from chemicals”. But health isn’t just restored via chemicals. There are many other methods of healing that don’t use chemicals to heal. Methods such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and many different forms of body energy therapies. Yes, these healing disciplines may also utilize naturally based chemicals for treatment such as herbs or food concentrates (vitamins and minerals) but the point is that health doesn’t always have to originate with chemicals.

The use of frequency instruments has been around for well over a century.

The use of frequency instruments has been around for well over a century. We just don’t tend to think of these instruments as frequency devices. Devices like electro-cauterization units and electric scalpels are frequency instruments. Pulsed short wave diathermy used for deep tissue heating, TENS units, ultra sound units, Bio Feedback devices, Micro Current devices, Bone Growth Stimulators, Lasers used for other treatments, such as acne and weight reduction, are all frequency devices. There are many other devices in common usage that depend upon the use of frequencies. Those frequencies often are specific to the production of a desired physiological effect. So the use of frequencies to heal is nothing new, and are in use every minute of every day worldwide helping people recover their health.

The new PERL also uses specific frequencies to produce physiologic effects. One major difference is that the PERL produces those effects through an emitted field, without the person being in contact with the device. The new PERL has capabilities that often replicate those of several different types of commonly used frequency devices, while also having effects that are unique to the new PERL.

Owning a PERL is akin to owning a whole room of therapy instruments.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : What is the biggest misconception about this technology?

“Expecting more from the device than it is capable of doing. There are a lot of urban legends and hype combined with outlandish claims associated with things called Rife. These stories have created unrealistic expectations. Too many manufacturers are putting the word “Rife” on their devices and then promoting the idea that the device is some sort of panacea. There becomes an expectation of quick success. Success, if it comes, can be slow and gradual. All devices are this way. The path back to health is not a straight one, and is why the customer service and counseling offered by Resonant Light are so important.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Are there contraindications to using Resonant Light technology?

“The new PERL is very gentle. The effects of plasma-emission devices are non-thermal. That is, they occur without creating heat. As such, the PERL is very gentle. Side effects would be detox reactions which could manifest as diarrhea, nausea, or general malaise.

The rare person that is overly sensitive to EM fields can use the new PERL. They should start out slowly with the device and use reduced exposure times in the beginning. Gradually they can increase exposures times as their body tolerance permits. The PERL has helped those with EM sensitivities return to wellness. The fields emitted from the new PERL are coherent, which means the fields through the process of entrainment act to organize and synchronize. The fields emitted from fluorescent lights, clock and wall transformers and other electrical devices tend to be non coherent and can act, especially in those with EMF sensitivities, in a disruptive and disorganizing manner to body processes.
Like all devices there are cautions to its use."

• As a simple precaution, avoid using around anyone that is pregnant.

• Do not touch the tube while it is lit. Do not be closer than 10 inches from the plasma tube.

• Individuals with organ transplants or stem cell transplants are advised to avoid frequency devices as its immune boosting effects may be contraindicated.

• Individuals using defibrillators are advised to avoid frequency devices.

• Individuals using pacemakers manufactured before 1992 are advised to avoid these devices due to the pacemaker’s inadequate frequency shielding.

• Using an oxygen tank within 20 feet of plasma-emission devices is to be avoided. Oxygen concentrators are OK.

• Generally speaking, frequencies less than 5 Hz are not recommended for prolonged periods of time.
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Why are some Resonant Light devices using a plasma tube?

“The plasma created by the new PERL offers the largest effective range of any plasma device. A general rule of thumb is a radius of 30 feet.

Not all plasma tube devices are the same in the manner they excite the plasma tube. One should not think that the emissions from all plasma tube devices are identical! The plasma tube as used in the new PERL is an energy conversion device. Being based upon my patents, the emissions from the PERL plasma tube are unique. What is emitted from the new PERL is a unique and very complex wide band width of emissions. There is visible light (phototherapy) and there is infrared light as well. Then there is an acoustic component that occurs from both a ringing of the tube glass due to the tube being pulsed, but also the air molecules around the tube being excited in a pulsed manner (sound therapy). There are also pulsed oscillating electrical and magnetic fields, both of which produce physiologic effects. Plasma as created by the new PERL is a way to affect many different physiologic mechanisms simultaneously.

The primary use of plasma emission technology is to target micro organisms and cells. This is done is multiple ways:

1. Destruction
2. Inhibition of growth
3. Activation of immune system
4. Aiding the immune system in discovering and targeting harmful microbes
5. Activation of internal cell protective mechanisms “Heat Shock Proteins”

There is also the subject of “vitality”, which used to be known as “vitalism”. Vitalism is a term the Medical world almost abhors, for it means that their mechanistic, chemical basis of life model is incorrect. Their model is in fact only partially correct. Vitalism is a part of every non-medical healing model. Vitalism is a part of the new and rapidly expanding science known as quantum biology. Basically, the plasma emissions are vitalizing to the body. This occurs through both adding charge to the body cells as a whole, but also (due to the pulsed nature of the signal) entrainment to the signal pulses, which then results in coherence. In coherence, the body’s cells and their metabolic processes become synchronized (for lack of a better word). In other words the immune system and other defensive systems start to work in a synchronized manner.
The plasma created by the new PERL offers the largest effective range of any plasma device. A general rule of thumb is 30 feet all around the plasma emitter. This has been proven by rifing sessions Don Tunney used to run in a Courtenay warehouse. People would just come and sit; some of them over 50 feet away from the tube. Participants would fill out our questionnaires about their experiences and results of these sessions. I have seen a few of these: they were amazing reports!
Undoubtedly, the units will produce effects at over 30 feet.

For example: there was a woman living in an upstairs quarters of the warehouse with some sort of arthritis as I recall and she went into heavy detox and began feeling the benefits of the device when these sessions were started. She was a lot further away than 50 feet. It is the unique electrical circuits within the new PERL that allows for response at such large distances. Other plasma devices on the market can have manufacturer recommended distances as short as 18 inches for best efficacy. The effectiveness of the new PERL at distance from the tube is unmatched by any other plasma device on the market.
Radio Frequency (RF) means the output energy is oscillating as a sine wave at a particular frequency (the carrier frequency). With RF, there is both an Electric (E) and Magnetic (M) component. E fields, as well as M fields both have been shown to produce physiological effects. A pure high voltage output that is inductively coupled to a plasma tube is not oscillating and thus lacks a magnetic component.

An inductive non-carrier unit is missing the ability to produce an entire range of physiologic effects that the M field can produce. Furthermore, there are physiological effects that can be produced by a carrier wave. There is a whole range of these kind of instruments that are used in the field of medicine. An inductive, non-carrier wave device is also unable to produce effects that are carrier wave dependent. An inductive non-carrier wave device is inherently restricted in its ability to create physiological effects, compared to an RF device.

An important fact that is overlooked and often not mentioned by other manufacturers is that absolutely everything that Rife’s instrument is famous for was achieved using a plasma tube based device excited with the use of Radio Frequencies. Rife didn’t use electrodes and he didn’t use high voltage electricity to excite his plasma tube. Rife didn’t use electromagnets; he used an RF excited plasma tube that delivered specific frequencies to create the effects he is famous for.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Some individuals claim a 30-foot range is impossible…

“Just like Tesla, the new PERL uses Resonant Capacitive Coupling and due to its 27.125 MHz carrier wave, the PERL can be effective at distances up to 30 feet.

I am going to offer an explanation, and this explanation destroys the Inverse Square Law (ISL) argument being used against the new PERL by some manufacturers. Perhaps after hearing my explanation, the ISL can be used to contrast those devices whose operation are subject to this law. All devices that are subject to the law have to be used within a few inches of the body to produce best effects. Not 30 feet like the PERL!

There are two key aspects to this explanation.
First, the body is an antenna and will actually produce a “gain” to the signal strength via a natural resonance. The best resonant gain is at around 50 MHz, but there is still a very good resonance gain at 27 MHz as well.

This brings up a point, a human body’s resonance and gain at 3.3 MHz is relatively very poor compared to the resonance and gain at 27.125 MHz. Due to poor resonance and little to no gain, devices with a 3.3 MHz carrier are subject to the Inverse Square Law and must be used close to the body to maximize delivery of frequencies. The manufacturers in fact recommend their customers use the devices very close (within inches) to the body. Further the first harmonic of 27.125 MHz is 54.25 MHz; a harmonic of the carrier wave that the PERL produces. This carrier harmonic includes sidebands and this is right at the peak of body absorption.

Second, the human body is a capacitor – why one can walk across a carpet and get a shock by touching a door knob. Capacitors of course store energy. In the case of the just mentioned sparking/shock a human body can store thousands of volts of energy!

This all brings us to the method, a subset of what is known as Wireless Resonant Energy Transfer (WRET). WRET is currently used to charge different electrical devices especially cell phones, with the device being in proximity to the field of the charging device. Most of the commercial devices using WRET use magnetic fields to transfer energy wirelessly via induction. Induction works only across a small distance and is also subject to the Inverse Square Law. This is where things get all confused. The PERL does not use Resonant Induction to transfer energy.

As is known, the plasma tube converts RF into an intense Oscillating Electric Field. The wavelength of 27.125 MHz is 35.6 feet. This is important, for the effective distance of the PERL is dependent upon the wavelength of the carrier wave. As the body can act like a capacitor and also is very resonant at 27 MHz, the PERL transmits energy to the human body via what is known as Resonant Capacitive Coupling.

From Wikipedia on Wireless Power Transfer: Near-field or nonradiative region – This means the area within about 1 wavelength (λ) of the antenna. In this region the oscillating electric and magnetic fields are separate and power can be transferred via electric fields by capacitive coupling.

Here is a video showing the use of a 9V battery and 0.1 ampere of current to light an LED array at 30 cm distance using Resonant Capacitive Coupling. This is an impossibility from the concept of the ISL and even via inductive coupling.


Please note that this is the method Nikolai Tesla sought to utilize in his World Wireless Energy System.

Bottom line, just like Tesla, the new PERL uses Resonant Capacitive Coupling and due to its 27.125 MHz carrier wave, the PERL can be effective at distances up to 30 feet. It accomplishes this via Oscillating Pulsed Electrical Fields (OPEF) emitted by the plasma tube. These fields being pulsed are then Capacitively Coupled to the body and resonantly absorbed in the form of frequencies to produce physiologic effects at a distance. The Inverse Square Law does not apply!

This is a hugely significant discovery and makes the new PERL stand unique among all other frequency devices.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Some online visitors report being told that radio frequencies can cause cancer. What are your thoughts?

“This is purely and simply a form of fear mongering…

This is purely and simply a form of fear mongering by some manufacturers out there. To be clear… the answer is no. Especially since the effects of the device are non-thermal (no tissue heating occurs).

Some background 27.12 MHz is channel 14 in band radios. There were once millions of these being used. No truckers or others were harmed or have developed cancer from using 27 Mhz. 27.12 Mhz has been allocated by international agreement for use as what is known as an ISM or industrial, scientific and medical frequency. As such 27.12 MHz is used in hundreds of thousands of industrial, scientific and medical devices world wide. 27.12 MHz was once used by Radio Control enthusiasts. Medical devices have safely used this frequency for decades. There are no reports of cancer or harm from the use of 27.12 Mhz.

Can 27.12 MHz make cancer worse? There is no evidence of that. None. Just the opposite in fact…”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Some online visitors report being told that radio frequencies can cause cancer. What are your thoughts?

“The effects are general and the output is primarily that of magnetism.

There are many different types of mats on the market, but in its truest sense, it is a mat with electromagnets that are pulsed at a very low, fixed rate. The effects are general and the output is primarily that of magnetism.

Strength of the magnets is low, as well. So in a way, the effects from this go back to the topic of Vitalism. The units also require direct body contact. A useful device, but with limited capabilities.

Mats, in comparison to non-contact PEMF devices, lack the following:

• Wide frequency range into the 100’s of thousands of Hz. No access to the physiologic responses that come from variable and high range frequencies.

• There is no light component and thus no physiologic effect from light emissions. Some mats try to make up for this with IR emissions and crystals. However the light from a plasma tube is very wide band and does include IR ( includes FIR).

• The Electrical field is extremely weak, compared to a plasma unit. Cannot produce the physiologic effects that depend upon E fields.”
Dr. James Bare

RESONANT LIGHT : Any tips for people considering the purchase of their own Resonant Light device?

“The new PERL, being a Rife/Bare device, is the only device on the market that has shown to the public actual laboratory results…

There is so much hype on the internet, people are confused. In my opinion, one big problem to overcome is that people tend to go with what others are using. The public just gives up at some point and goes with a place that seems safest to both them and their investment.

Regardless that something else may be vastly superior, they will choose an inferior product every time if that product has a large number of users. That also applies to the device being talked about a lot on the lists.

Is there some sort of research that actually shows an effect of the device upon cancer and infectious micro organisms? Most devices have nothing except to claim some relationship to Rife. All sorts of claims and implied action are made with no real proof. There are plasma devices on the market now that are partially based upon an old Rife instrument, but it is not that old Rife instrument.

When considering a device, most devices on the market have one or maybe two primary attributes that are used for healing. Maybe they use light, or magnets, or use electrodes for example. The new PERL M is like having multiple types of devices in one. It simultaneously produces audio waves, electrical fields, magnetic fields, and light. Furthermore, the ProGen can be used as a contact device with conductive accessories.
The new PERL has supporting published research that is publicly available and shows efficacy. If a manufacturer claims there is research on their device, has that research been made public? Not just claims, laboratory proven publicly available documents. The PERL being a Rife/Bare device is the only device on the market that has shown to the public actual results of its use on cancer cells, had case studies published, has multiple published and presented papers on its use, and even has video online for people to see for themselves. There are many others claiming research but where is their data?

Another consideration is that Resonant Light Technology has a 26 year history of producing devices. How long has the other manufacturer been around? There is no other company making plasma emission devices that has been in business as long as Resonant Light Technology. There are literally thousands of instruments that have been produced by Resonant Light which have positively affected the lives and health of tens of thousands of people world wide. That says a lot about the company’s commitment to their customers’ needs, the quality of the devices they are building, and most importantly the efficacy of the devices they make.”
Dr. James Bare

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