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We took the Rife machine…
and gave it a modern twist.

ProGen 2

The class-leading frequency generator
just got even better.

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Resonating With You

I can honestly say that they are a brilliant company and the feedback and support is second to none (and still is all these years later, I might add!).

– Lorraine, UK

We are so grateful for you continued research, development and improvements. […] Thank you for your commitment to quality products and superior customer support.

– C.K., New Jersey, USA

Honestly your company has been one of the best experiences I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with and I can really see the passion that you have for helping people like myself.

– T.J., Colorado, USA

What a bright and shiny representative of RLT. Thanks for having someone like her at the other end. She was gracious, patient, informative and resourceful. Above all, she was sincerely interested in being helpful.

– Curt B., USA

The efficiency and caring of all of you at R.L. is very apparent and appreciated by all of us in the clinic.

– Mike D., Great Falls, USA

My machine just arrived and I am so excited. ┬áThank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. Everyone I have dealt with at Resonant Light has given me outstanding customer support…

– C.C.