ProGen II 4050

The class-leading frequency generator just got even better.

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Frequencies With Class-Leading Accuracy

What does the ProGen do?

The ProGen II 4050 is a sophisticated frequency generator, which can be used on its own as a contact device, essentially a micro-current device, similar to a TENS unit. It can generate frequencies in a range of 1 Hz to 999,999 Hz as either single frequencies, or a formation of various wave packets in Square, Sine or Triangle wave shapes. 

How does the ProGen work?

When used as a contact device, frequencies generated by the ProGen II 4050 are carried on the electrical current being emitted by the contacts, electrode pads, contact plates, or contact cylinders. The electrical current carries the frequencies into the body, through which they are then distributed. 

Our equipment is also very unique in that you could use 2 or 3 ProGen units simultaneously. This is known as multi-signaling. This allows the user to reduce the time required to run a particular frequency Set or to run several different Sets at one time.

How Frequencies Resonate With You

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Have it your way

The ProGen is a contact device, meaning your frequencies are delivered to your body via wearable, LED or electrode accessories. For a non-contact experience and complete freedom of movement within a 30-foot radius, please consider the PERL M+.


Go places with your frequencies

The ProGen 2 is our most portable frequency solution. Our User’s Kit package even comes with a premium transport case so you can carry your unit and all your contact accessories with you wherever you go!


22 years in the making

The ProGen 2 is by far the most thoroughly researched frequency generator on the market today. Our team spent over two decades shaping it through intensive research, results analysis, lab testing, engineering and calibration along with a ton of precious feedback from users and practitioners worldwide.


To a class-leading 0.001Hz

In the world of frequencies, one hertz higher or lower can have a dramatic impact on the results you are trying to achieve. The ProGen is accurate to one thousandth of a hertz making it the most reliable frequency generator available today.


The power of synergy

The ProGen 2 is at its best when paired with the PERL M+. You can even pair it with one or two additional ProGens for optimal results. This synergy will elevate your frequency impact to a whole new level.


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