The PERL is coming to Denver on June 26th !

Living in the Denver, Colorado area? We will be hosting free information sessions where you'll experience the PERL hands-on and get all your questions answered directly by our president, Edna Anne Tunney.

PERL (New!)

We took plasma technology... and gave it a revolutionary twist.

ProGen 3

Our frequency generator. Seriously upgraded.

You have questions about this technology?

Get answers from a consultant.

It's Wednesday 10:40 PMSorry, we're closed. ☺️

North America only

Long distance calling to Canada

About Us

Our Company

We are Resonant Light Technology and we’ve been supporting frequency research since 1996. We are located in British Columbia, Canada. We reply to all your inquiries within 2 business days.

Our Mission

We’re here to help and educate people. For 27 years, we’ve been a beacon of light for countless frequency enthusiasts worldwide. We would be truly honored to assist you on your wellness journey too.

Our Passion

People. Interacting with you gives meaning to everything we do and hearing your success stories fills us with a joy that words can’t even begin to describe.