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Considering a Bemer?



We took the best Rife machine… and gave it a revolutionary PEMF twist.

Goodbye Mats, Coils and Cylinders!


Move freely around your unit

You don’t have to be tethered to your device anymore! Enjoy unmatched freedom of movement within the PERL’s effective range for maximum comfort.  Eat, read, sleep, cook, work – all while getting your frequencies delivered with flawless accuracy.


The best range in the industry

The PERL uses a 27.125 MHz carrier wave to deliver frequencies safely to your entire body at the deepest cellular level. Best of all, everyone within the device’s range gets the wellness benefits too, pets and plants included!


Revolutionary U-shaped Argon tube

The PERL’s plasma technology incorporates frequency concepts pioneered by Royal Rife, James Bare, Anthony Holland and James Oschmann. Plasma allows a safe, full body exposure and a frequency delivery at the deepest cellular level for maximum benefits.


of any plasma-emission device

Our plasma tube alone emits frequencies up to 300,000Hz. Most plasma devices on the market are limited to 40,000Hz. Access to more frequencies means your device has more uses now and in the future. If your frequency needs change over time, the PERL’s got you covered.


Flawless craftsmanship & build quality

The PERL is a labor of love built right here in our Canadian facility. Moreover, when you place an order, our technicians test and calibrate your unit for up to 100 hours before it is shipped to you. We ensure the device you receive is tuned for pristine frequency delivery.


Comes with our premium frequency generator

The ProGen supplies frequencies to the PERL, with a class-leading 0.001Hz accuracy. You can connect up to three ProGens to the PERL and operate them simultaneously for powerful multisignaling benefits. The ProGen can also be used as a contact solution when you’re on the go (similar to a TENS device).

How does the PERL work?

rife machine

As the cells of the body take on the electrical charge, their voltage increases, and so does their ability to communicate with each other. Better communication means better overall function.  At the same time, the membrane surrounding each cell becomes more permeable, allowing them to better utilize the nutrients coming their way, such as fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and oxygen from the bloodstream.

rife machine

As the body is energetic in nature, every cell and every organ has a frequency at which it vibrates when working properly. As the years pass, dysfunction can set in, which in turn can create illness. The frequency-laden PEMF emission from the PERL M+ has the ability to tune-up the cells and organ systems by a process called “entrainment”; as the frequencies are broadcast, the body will harmonize to them for optimal benefits.

rife machine

In the case of pathogenic microorganisms, the frequency emitted from the PERL M+ will target them, devitalizing them and moving them out of the body as debris. Frequencies supportive of the body systems of elimination are used at the same time, to help move the debris out.

What does the PERL do?

The PERL M+ is a non-contact, non-invasive research device that emits a Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field, commonly referred to as PEMF. It creates an electrostatic charge at the deepest cellular level in the body with the ability to create optimal environment for beneficial change. The particular frequencies carried on the emission from the plasma tube not only target the problem area but help bring the entire body to a level of homeostasis – boosting the immune system, detoxing, repairing tissue,  enhancing bone regeneration, strengthening the organs, increasing energy, reducing stress/inflammation and creating an ideal environment inside and outside of the body for optimal wellness.  

The PERL M+ uses a Radio-Frequency (RF) ignited plasma tube and is a non-contact device just like the original Royal Raymond Rife machine was, which sends the specific frequency and photon on a carrier wave to the targeted pathogen at the cellular level. Other plasma tube devices are induction ignited and lack the RF integration and the deep penetration the PERL M+ has. RF–ignited plasma tube devices are more efficient than the contact devices that use conductive accessories such as wearables, mats, pads, plates and cylinders. The PERL M+ allows all the cells of the body to be reached at the same time with class-leading accuracy for better results.

One of the greatest advantages of the PERL M+ is that all of this happens while you enjoy complete freedom of movement within 30 feet of the device. Best of all, you’re safely sharing all these wellness benefits with your loved ones, your pets and even your plants!

The PERL M+ is nothing short of revolutionary.

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Pricing for the PERL M+


We offer a ninety (90) day buy-back warranty on all new PERL M+ purchases. When a buy-back is deemed the best option, we will buy devices back at the price you paid less 10% per 30-day period, until 90 days after your purchase date. Once 90 days have passed, you may inquire about our consignment option. 


We know what it’s like to need support. That’s why our products come with unlimited access to our dedicated support team. No matter your needs, we’re just phone call away. For life.


The PERL M+ with one ProGen 3 for an entry-level non-contact experience.


Standard Package (in $US)




Standard Package (in $US)



Best Seller !


The PERL M+ with two ProGen 3 for powerful multisignaling benefits.

Cut your session times in half with unmatched efficiency and versatility.


Executive Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $1,315



Executive Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $1,335


Best Value !


The PERL M+ with three(3) ProGen 3, five(5) wearable accessories, five (5) LED accessories, Nenah Sylver’s Rife Handbook 2019 Edition and a premium Pelican transport case. For those who won’t settle for less than the very best frequency experience we have to offer.


Premium Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $2,275



Premium Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $2,305


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