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We took the best of PEMF technology… and gave it a revolutionary twist.

Goodbye Mats, Coils and Cylinders!


Move freely around your unit

You don’t have to be tethered to your device anymore! Enjoy unmatched freedom of movement within the PERL’s effective range for maximum comfort.  Eat, read, sleep, cook, work – all while getting your frequencies delivered with flawless accuracy.


The best range in the industry

The PERL uses a 27.125 MHz carrier wave to deliver frequencies safely to your entire body at the deepest cellular level. Best of all, everyone within the device’s range gets the wellness benefits too, pets and plants included!

Click here to read Dr. James Bare's detailed explanation of the PERL's class-leading range


Revolutionary U-shaped Argon tube

The PERL’s plasma technology incorporates frequency concepts pioneered by Royal Rife, James Bare, Anthony Holland and James Oschmann. Plasma allows a safe, full body exposure and a frequency delivery at the deepest cellular level for maximum benefits.


of any plasma-emission device

Our plasma tube alone emits frequencies up to 300,000Hz. Most plasma devices on the market are limited to 40,000Hz. Access to more frequencies means your device has more uses now and in the future. If your frequency needs change over time, the PERL’s got you covered.


Flawless craftsmanship & build quality

The PERL is a labor of love built right here in our Canadian facility. Moreover, when you place an order, our technicians test and calibrate your unit for up to 100 hours before it is shipped to you. We ensure the device you receive is tuned for pristine frequency delivery.


Comes with our premium frequency generator

The ProGen supplies frequencies to the PERL, with a class-leading 0.001Hz accuracy. You can connect up to three ProGens to the PERL and operate them simultaneously for powerful multisignaling benefits. The ProGen can also be used as a contact solution when you’re on the go (similar to a TENS device).

What is the PERL M+?


The PERL M+ is a non-contact, non-invasive device that offers a holistic approach to wellness. It utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields, light and sound energy that may assist the body towards homeostasis.


What makes the PERL M+ the best Rife Machine on the market? It is a radio-frequency ignited plasma emissions device, like the original Royal Rife machine, but re-engineered with the best scientific improvements available over 80 years after the original Rife device was unveiled. It is also backed by lifetime support and one of the best warranties in the industry.


The PERL M+ comes with a brand new ProGen 3 contact device, with over 2000 frequency sets on-board. Select a set based on your needs and the ProGen function generator provides the PERL with precise frequencies to emit. The ProGen 3 can also be used with TENS accessories with or without the PERL.


The PERL M+ provides freedom of movement during sessions, which is perfect for groups, active users that need to move around, and animals. Anyone within 30 feet of the PERL M+ will enjoy the benefits of the frequencies being emitted. It affects everything within a 30-foot range with full and deep penetration.

How does the PERL M+ work?


The technology is based on integrated sound and light used for the purposes of controlling microorganisms (pathogens). It was first developed and used by Dr Royal Raymond Rife. Its principle is based on two basic phenomena occurring in the human body.

Firstly, because cells and organs are electrical in nature, there are many biological interactions that occur at the cellular level when the pulsed electromagnetic field emanates from the PERL M+. It is believed that when the machine is running on any frequency, the body is taking on an electrostatic charge. This process raises the electrical voltage of the cells, which seems to excite the cells in the body and enable them to communicate with each other more effectively. This enhanced communication in turn, assists the body in becoming more balanced – working towards homeostasis. In other words, the PERL M+ is a tool that supports the body in its repair process.

Secondly, based on the premise that all living matter vibrates to a specific frequency, it is known that there is another major occurrence in the body when a specific pathogen resonates with a specific frequency. When this matching resonance of the pathogen and the emanating frequency occurs, the life force of the pathogen is immobilized or devitalized and what we then have is killed off.


Waves of the PERL M+ act within a perimeter of 9 meters (30 feet) and will reach all living things at the same time within that perimeter, while not being physically connected to the device. This is one of the great advantages of the PERL M+.

The ProGen 3, the frequency generator for the PERL M+, currently has over 2000 pre-programmed Frequency Sets. So depending on what you are wishing to use it for, there is probably a program – if not several – that you can benefit from. There are some 50 pages of conditions from A-Z with frequencies contributed by other researchers, which can be viewed at, and going to the CAFL page. We also recommend the frequencies provided by Nenah Sylver, in her Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy, which we include as a free gift when you get the Premium PERL M+ Package.

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Pricing for the PERL M+


We offer a ninety (90) day buy-back warranty on all new PERL M+ purchases. When a buy-back is deemed the best option, we will buy devices back at the price you paid less 10% per 30-day period, until 90 days after your purchase date. Once 90 days have passed, you may inquire about our consignment option. 


We know what it’s like to need support. That’s why our products come with unlimited access to our dedicated support team. No matter your needs, we’re just phone call away. For life.


The PERL M+ with one ProGen 3 for the best entry-level non-contact experience.


Standard Package (in $US)




Standard Package (in $US)



Best Seller !


The PERL M+ with two ProGen 3 for powerful multisignaling benefits.

Cut your session times in half with unmatched efficiency and versatility.


Executive Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $1,315



Executive Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $1,335


Best Value !


The PERL M+ with three(3) ProGen 3, five(5) wearable accessories, five (5) LED accessories, Nenah Sylver’s Rife Handbook 2019 Edition and a premium Pelican transport case. For those who won’t settle for less than the very best frequency experience we have to offer.


Premium Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $2,275



Premium Package (in $US)


YOU SAVE $2,305


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