Dr. James Bare

Dr. James Bare

on Rife frequencies & carrier waves in the modern age

Here is a series of recent posts written by Dr. James Bare on the Rife forums. Dr. Bare is the father of modern Rife technology. He is one of the most trusted frequency experts in the world. Given the incredible amount of wild claims out there regarding Rife machines and carrier waves, here are Dr. Bare’s postings in their entirety.

If you are considering investing in a frequency technology device, Dr. Bare’s take on why modern frequency devices use a 27.12 MHz carrier wave may be of particular interest to you.

*Dr. Bare’s views, information, or opinions expressed below are solely his and do not necessarily represent those of Resonant Light Technology and its employees. We are making them available to you here with Dr. Bare’s consent for research purpose.

Post #1

27.12 MHz vs 3 MHz Carrier Waves

Dr. James Bare :

Frequency therapies have been in use for over the last 100 years and used by literally tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people world wide. There are two basic methods of frequency delivery , either through direct contact or through an emitted field. Both methods can and do deliver frequencies to the body, both create fields within the body,  but it is the use of an emitted field that overcomes one key limitation of  the direct contact method. The key aspect to the use of any frequency device is the ability of that frequency to be absorbed by the body or to be delivered to the body with sufficient energy so that the frequency  may cause physiologic response. A frequency that is not absorbed – that passes through the body,  or is too weak in its’ energy, has no effects. The recent work done by Novocure has shown that there is a direct correlation between the field strength and the degree of response when doing testing on cancer cells. 

Commonly used electrode type devices are energy delivery limited , as too much energy will either cause tissue damage or outright electrocution. It is the ability of RF based frequency devices to generate very strong frequency related fields deep within, and widely throughout, the body. It is this ability that makes RF frequency devices superior to electrode devices.  

Just like a radio that tunes across a fixed set of bands – the human body one might say has a tuning range. At 27.12 MHz, which is the carrier frequency used by Rife/Bare devices such as the PERL M+ and others, the carrier frequency is very resonant to the body, readily absorbed, and has good tissue penetration. In fact, 27.12 MHz has been set aside by the worlds nations for medical device usage precisely due its body resonance, body absorption, and body penetration. But at 3 MHz, the  carrier is almost non resonant to the human body and is not well absorbed. This body resonance to 27.12 MHz, and easy absorption is why a Rife/Bare device has an effective distance of around 30′ from the plasma tube. The human body is resonant and absorbs the wave readily at 27.12 MHz. A 3 MHz carrier device, being essentially non resonant to the human body, must be used close to the body and couples energy to the body through the process of induction. Certainly a Rife/Bare instrument can be used close to the body and in doing so will couple both resonantly and inductively. There are obvious advantages to utilizing two mechanisms of energy delivery to the body instead of just one! Ultimately, I am discussing the resonance of human bodies here, not objects that can have different resonance frequencies that allow for energy absorption at distance with a 3 MHz carrier. There is a very big difference between a metal cabinet and a human body. 

In all RF based devices, the modulation frequency combines with the carrier frequency and the modulation frequency is either THE treatment frequency or creates the treatment frequency. There has been a lot of discussion of late on carrier frequencies and sidebands. The sidebands which are formed in all RF devices by the modulation frequency are responsible for treatment. In discussing sidebands there is something important to consider. In all RF based plasma systems, the total output power of a transmitter is split between the carrier and the sidebands. In a regular transmitter, only about 33% of the output power is sent to the sidebands. The other 2/3 of the power remains in the carrier. In a Rife/Bare device a good 90% of the transmitters power is sent to the sidebands, and only 10% or so of the power remains in the carrier.

For an example,  let’s take a 180 watt transmitter. In a regular RF plasma device, 120 watts is carrier wave power and 60 watts is within the sidebands. The sidebands then split this 60 watts to become 30 watts, for the upper and lower sidebands respectively.  A Rife/ Bare system places a good 90% of the transmitters power into the sidebands modulation frequency. Meaning for our 180 watt example that about 20 watts are carrier frequency and about 160 watts are in the sidebands. 80 watts are delivered to the upper and lower sidebands respectively in a Rife/Bare system. 

The most common method of frequency delivery used by all RF devices is utilize a frequency from one of the many frequency lists as the modulation frequency. The treatment frequency therefore is  the modulation frequency. The many thousands upon thousands of frequencies in daily use are all applicable to this method. In this method, the frequency of the carrier wave is completely unimportant ! 

Demodulation is the process of stripping the modulation frequency from the carrier wave so that the modulation frequency can create physiologic effects. This is known as the sideband demodulation method and is used by all RF devices for the many thousands of frequencies which are now in use. Using the example of a 180 watt transmitter, over two and half times the power is found within the sideband of a Rife/Bare device when compared with the power found in the sidebands of a regular RF transmitter. This power difference is of significant importance. 

When the treatment frequency is demodulated in a Rife/Bare system , it is, compared to a regular devices sidebands of equal transmitter output,  very powerful, and that power is used to produce physiologic effects. Better, since demodulation typically takes place at tissue interfaces and cell walls, the demodulated signal is present exactly where it can be the most effective.  

Some RF devices combine a specific carrier frequency with a specific modulation frequency to produce a sideband of a specific frequency. This sideband is then used as the treatment frequency. This method is primarily utilized for the less than 30 micro organisms that Rife worked with. I will discuss this method further in an upcoming posting and show how it is possible to use a Rife/Bare device and its 27.12 MHz carrier with this method. Using this combination of carrier + modulation frequency method,  it is obvious that the strength of the desired sideband of specific frequency is very important as well.

Existing RF plasma devices and most other frequency devices in common usage, tend to use two wave forms for modulation, namely sine waves and square waves, but primarily  square waves are utilized.  These two different wave forms  when used for modulation create different pulse shapes , and the harmonics produced by the two wave forms are different as well.  With a Rife-Bare device, one can actually hear the differences in the harmonics between a square wave and a sine wave for modulation when using frequencies below 10,000 Hz. A sine wave is a single frequency and produces even harmonics of itself.  An example of this is a 300 Hz primary frequency. The harmonics would be 300 Hz, 600 Hz, 1200 Hz, 1800 Hz, 2400 Hz and so on. Musical instruments produce sine wave and utilize octaves of notes that are even multiples of each other.

A Square wave is composed of multiple sine waves, but the sine wave are odd harmonics of each other. So if one chooses a 300 Hz primary square wave frequency, sine waves of 300 Hz, 900 Hz, 1500 Hz, 2100 Hz and so on are combined to form the square wave. The harmonics of both a sine wave and a square wave are formed simultaneously and in what is known as the same phase.  Being in phase means that all the sine waves regardless of frequency are at the maximum amplitude at the same time and all the sine waves are at their minimum amplitude at the same time. 

A Rife/Bare device outputs a rectangular bipolar pulse with a cut off of the pulse and carrier wave between pulses. The cut off will be related in time to that of the square wave duty cycle. For a 50% duty cycle square wave, the cut off will be equal in time to the pulse duration. In a Rife/Bare device, a sine wave will produce a bipolar pulse as well, but the pulse envelope to best describe it will have ” bulging sides” and form a more rounded  instead of vertical sided and rectangular output pulse envelope. Inside of either pulse shape, one will find the carrier wave – the number of carrier waves within each pulse varies with the modulation frequency. 

As a bit of teaser to an upcoming posting,  I’ve attached a couple of oscilloscope pictures of what is possible with a Rife/Bare device. Both pictures show what I deem a “double pulse envelope”. One can see dual pulses combined into one pulse. The combined pulse is composed of both a nanosecond duration pulse and a micro second duration pulse. The nano second pulse can be made to appear at the beginning of the pulse envelope or at the end of the envelope. Only a Rife/Bare system can produce pulse envelopes like this.

So now that we know that sine waves produce even harmonics and square waves produce odd harmonics – what can we do with this information? This question will be answered in my next posting.

Leading Pulse

200 kHz

Nanosecond Pulse

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Post #2

Rife frequencies in the modern age

Dr. James Bare :

This posting is on frequencies and how these apply to Rife/Bare instruments.  As there is a lot to discuss, this posting will by necessity be of several parts. There are literally tens of thousands of different frequencies in use today. These frequencies are commonly combined into a “Set” of frequencies for particular issue. Needless to say, there are thousands of different frequency sets  for thousands of different issues which are in everyday utilization. These frequencies are from many different compiled sources that are available on the web. Within the public domain are the CAFL, the EDTFL, Dr. Clark, ELF, Microcurrent, Laser, LED, Magnetic, TENS, and those derived from Biofeedback testing. There are other lists of frequencies which are proprietary such as those from True Rife, Charlene Boehm,  BCX Ultra, JWLabs, and others including Resonant Light Technology. To emphasize this how many frequencies and sets that presently exist, Resonant Light’s ProGen 3 has over 2000 frequency Sets with many times that number in separate frequencies pre-programmed in it.   A comparison needs to be made about  the present day status of frequencies with thousands of different frequency sets being utilized. Dr. Rife found 63 different frequencies that affected a total of 28 different micro organisms. That’s it, 28 different infectious agents . To me, the current emphasis upon those 63 frequencies as an evaluation of the overall capabilities of a particular device is extremely questionable and un necessary. That is my opinion, but be that as it may, this emphasis does exist in the consciousness of many within the Rife community. I want to look at thing objectively. Those 63 different frequencies were produced from two different devices – each device needing a different frequency to work on an identical organism. So what is going on here? Why two different frequencies for the same micro organism ? Some speculative answers might be that different aspects of the organism were targeted by the different frequencies. Another aspect might be related to the recent work by Fabrizio del Tin where he has shown that at particular frequencies a plasma tube may output UV and produce instant kills of micro organisms. Instant kills of micro organisms is an effect that was demonstrated by Dr. Rife. But the emission of UV does not happen with non plasma tube devices. Yet, people have been helped by the hundreds of thousands  when treated for the same 28 micro organisms by devices that don’t and won’t output the original Rife frequencies. This will be discussed in more depth within an upcoming posting. Regardless of the effect – what everyone is really interested in are the frequencies Dr. Rife used for cancer.  The legend is that Dr. Rife had amazing results when his device was used on cancer. It isn’t necessary to go into the problems and weaknesses within the legends, for without doubt people were helped, and they are certainly helped today. What is necessary is to point out that there were only about 6 frequencies used by Dr. Rife on cancer. Further, the number of people treated were quite minimal in comparison to what is now occurring. Today, cancer treatment is in a process of change – right now there are three frequency instruments I am aware of  which have governmental approval specifically for the treatment of cancer. In some respects, these machines exist and are based upon the pioneering work of Dr. Rife. All three operate with frequencies. All three use different frequencies and different methods to apply those frequencies. All three affect cancer cells in a different manner. Instead of 16 patients treated in a clinic – there are thousands of patients that have undergone treatment with these devices. Multiple studies and clinical trials produced data which has  undergone rigorous review done by both the FDA and European regulatory agencies and lead to their approvals. One device is the Oncotherm – which is a form of Heat Therapy but heating is minimized and limited to a temperature increase of just one degree ( 38C) in the primary treatment area. The carrier frequency used is 13.56 MHz (1/2 of 27.12 MHz) and this frequency is modulated using different audio level frequencies. It is my understanding that some of the more common Rife frequencies of 2128 and so on are used. You can read more about the Oncotherm here –  https://db.oncotherm.org/devicedb/web/phy/Br_EHY3000_E_R_16_2_print.pdf Next is the Novocure’s Optune device. This device uses electrodes and specific frequencies to affect the growth of cancer cells. The frequencies and generated field disrupt the growth of the cancer cells by interfering with the process of mitosis. This device is FDA approved for the treatment of glioblastoma. Clinical trials are underway for several other cancers. Frequencies typically used are from 100,000 Hz to 200,000 Hz. Below are some of the published frequencies used by Novocure  that have shown results in cell, animal, and some human studies. A total of 11 different cancer types with a specific frequency for each. These frequencies are easily within the capability of most Rife/Bare instruments. There may be more available at this time if someone wants to look into this further. Glioblastoma – 200,000 Hz Astrocytoma – 200,000 Hz Malignant Melanoma – 100,000 Hz Non Small Cell Lung Cancer – 150,000 Hz Mesothelioma – 150,000 Hz and 200,000 Hz Ovarian Cancer – 200,000 Hz Pancreatic Cancer – 150,000 Hz Prostate Cancer – 100,000 Hz Breast Adenocarcinoma – 150,000 Hz and 120,000 Hz Cervical Cancer – 150,000 Hz Colorectal Adenocarcinoma – 100,000 Hz Let’s compare the research done by Novocure to that done by Dr. Rife. Dr. Rife discovered frequencies for two micro organisms (infectious agents) he said caused cancer, the BX and BY viruses. Use of frequencies for these two viruses has shown benefit, but why this change occurs may partially be due to the influence of the frequencies used on cancer proper, and also upon the BX or By viruses as well. But there are quite a few viruses that have been found to be associated with cancer – which most likely aren’t the BX or BY. Meaning that if one has a non infectious based cancer, or a viral related cancer that isn’t BX or BY associated, Dr. Rife’s frequencies may not be as effective as one would like.  The third instrument is the Therabionic device. This instrument uses a 27.12 MHz carrier wave that is Amplitude Modulated. Rife/Bare devices operate at the same carrier frequency and also utilize Amplitude Modulation. Frequencies used for modulation are determined via a bio feedback method and range from the low hundreds of Hz to about 100,000 Hz. Most are under 20,000 Hz. This device has European approval for the treatment of advanced hepatocellular adenocarcinoma. The bio feedback method provides unique frequencies based upon the type of cancer. But some identical frequencies were found to occur in people with certain types of cancer. To quote: “1,873.477 Hz, 2,221.323 Hz, 6,350.333 Hz, and 10,456.383 Hz, were found in the majority of patients with breast cancer, HCC, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.” The frequencies determined are output in ascending order for three seconds each and then repeated for a total of one hour three times a day. This is quite a variance from the 3 minute per frequency regimen in current usage. A lot of good information is in the list below – notice in the last row that there are frequencies being found that are common to two or more tumor types.

The Therabionic device uses sine wave modulation of their 27.12 MHz carrier wave and a common set of frequencies used in cancer treatment are to quote:

1873.477 Hz
2221.323 Hz
3669.513 Hz
4486.384 Hz
5882.292 Hz
6350.333 Hz
8452.119 Hz
10456.383 Hz

I wish to point out something here. Two of the devices just mentioned utilize frequencies that  have absolutely no relationship to the frequencies discovered by Dr. Rife. The third instrument uses the common public domain frequencies which were designed for direct output such as 2128 Hz but not for the number Rife instrument. The two instruments that utilize RF, have carrier frequencies that do not operate with carrier frequencies used by Dr. Rife. In fact , one uses carrier a carrier frequency that is identical to that of  Rife/Bare devices at 27.12 MHz, and the other is 1/2 the carrier frequency of a Rife/Bare at 13.56 MHz. This instrument (Oncotherm) most likely also outputs a carrier harmonic at 27.12 MHz. From these examples it is obvious that there are treatment methods, mechanisms, treatment frequencies, and carrier wave frequencies, being discovered and garnering government approval on multiple continents at this time. Methods and frequencies that have treated at a minimum hundreds of times the patients ever treated by Rife, including cumulatively, by those doctors that had one of Dr. Rife’s original devices. My point is this – it is possible to incorporate some of these methods and these new proven frequencies and methods with your Rife/Bare device. These new methods and frequencies are directed not at a virus as were Rife’s frequencies, but at physiologic processes within cancer cells. These new frequencies, like Rife derived frequencies,  have shown and proven effectiveness. Enough effectiveness to pass government reviews and garner approval based upon solid evidence of application. Yes, we can also use frequencies discovered by Rife, but Rife derived treatment frequencies and carrier wave frequencies aren’t the be all to end all. They were and are, limited to their focus of effectiveness (a virus). They were just the beginning of a method of cancer treatment that started a good 80 years ago.

Over the past 80+ years the world of cancer treatment has undergone changes, but there is something important that I’ve noticed about that change. I believe that  there is a time for all new things to manifest. I’ll give you an example of this. Those who have a plasma type device have most likely experienced this phenomena. I’ve personally experienced this reaction too many times to count. When the device is seen by someone for the first time – with absolutely no explanation as to it’s function or purpose, people will look at it and then ask if it is for treatment of cancer. They don’t ask if it is used to warm the room, charge their electronics batteries at a distance, or to cure paint. They know it’s capability without knowing. I won’t go into this further, but I personally feel this Forum, and all of us as members are an extension of this knowingness. 

It is my belief that it is important to use every known and reliable set of frequencies that are available for treatment. It is important to take advantage of the research that points out the importance of the total absorbed dose and the field strength as well. Becoming too focused and solely treating with one group of proven cancer treatment frequencies derived a good 80 years ago, which are aimed at a virus and do not include cancer cell physiology, is limiting the degree of effectiveness of our devices. Outcomes can improve by incorporating present day advances and frequencies. Those whose lives are in the balance deserve no less than what is maximally possible for them. We must  make use of the proven science, proven knowledge, and  proven frequencies that are available. 

My next posting will further this discussion on frequencies and Rife/Bare devices.



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Post #3

Rife/Bare instruments today

Dr. James Bare :

This posting on the utilization and understanding of Rife/Bare instruments will start out with a bit of history. Over a quarter of century has passed since the Rife/Bare device was developed. Let me be clear, I did not name the instrument a Rife/Bare device. I didn’t suggest the name, and I had nothing to do with the nomenclature. This name came about early on by someone or someone’s  that were members of the original Rife-List and the name stuck. In the mid 1990’s, just before I went public with the device, I discovered that my device would destroy a variety of protozoan micro organisms. I used to sell a video tape that was over an hour in length showing different protozoans being destroyed by the device. Specific modulation frequencies were shown to destroy specific protozoans.  You can probably find excerpts of my old video on You Tube. Sadly, I’ve seen instances where my video has been appropriated and the effects shown associated with non Rife/Bare instruments.  Over the years, others duplicated these effects using their Rife/Bare devices. The most recent of those that have duplicated the effects and  have posted publicly is that of Dr. Anthony Holland. You can find his video’s of destroying protozoans with his Rife/Bare device on You Tube as well. Dr. Hollands’ discovery of the use of a secondary 11X frequency with his Rife/Bare device is utilized by people today for a variety of applications. 

Part of this history review will provide support for the effectiveness of Rife/Bare devices at a distance. Shortly after I went public with my device in the mid 1990’s, Donald Tunney, who founded Resonant Light Technology, created his own version of a Rife/Bare device. It was this humble instrument of Don’s that is the direct ancestral predecessor of the modern day PERL M+. After some initial success with various issues, Don put his instrument to good use. His Rife/Bare instrument was used for free group exposure sessions in a warehouse in Courtenay BC, Canada. Exposure sessions went on for several years and occurred several times a week. Typical attendance was anywhere from 20 to 40 people for each session. People sat around the room at 10 to 30 feet from the plasma tube. Some of us that attended the very first Rife Conference in Courtenay made a point of attending one of these sessions and experienced it first hand. As the sessions were done over a period of several years, Don had people that were regulars fill out a questionnaire about why they were attending, and what their experiences had been to date. Needless to say, over the years that these group exposure sessions were held, literally hundreds of written reports were made, and most likely the total number of individuals that attended was close to 1000.  I’ve personally seen some of these hundreds of reports, and they are quite amazing testaments to the effects of Rife/Bare devices at a distance. 

The history on the effects of Rife/Bare devices can also be found in case studies done by Medical Dr’s and reported upon either in journals or at conferences. I’ve attached two case studies to this posting. Both case studies provide the frequencies utilized.  One is about the treatment  of a 32 year duration chronic facial bone infection. The patient had previously undergone 60 surgeries and was cured by a single 3 hour exposure to a Rife/Bare device with no relapse 5 years post exposure. The other is on the treatment of someone with Pancreatic Cancer. 

The case study on the patient with a facial bone infection is quite remarkable. This case study was done by Andre Bellossi M.D., PhD. Prior to his sudden and unexpected passing, Dr. Bellossi had developed a method of frequency determination using a microscope for at least some micro organisms. Although a portion of the method is known from the attached paper on plasma tube microwave emissions,  much however, is unknown about the process. After his sudden passing, what ever notes he made on this process were never found and the complete method remains a mystery. The applied outcome of his frequency determination discovery however is documented in the attached case study.

As an aside, and I may be wrong about this, I believe that the attached paper on plasma tube microwave emissions does to some degree interface with the present work being done by Fabrizio del Tin and his use of the plasma tube to create UV emissions and instant bacterial death. Fabrizio has duplicated Rife’s original effects of instant micro organism death using his methods. Quartz glass plasma tubes that work with Rife/Bare devices have been around for a couple of decades should someone wish to experiment with Fabrizio’s techniques using their Rife/Bare device. The other attached case report is on a patient with Pancreatic cancer and their response to treatment with a Rife/Bare (Resonant Light – PERL M+) device.

Dr. Holland with some colleagues in microbiology, did a study on the effects of a Rife/Bare device on MRSA and Pseudomonas aeuroginosa and presented their results at the American Society of Microbiology Convention (ASM). Both bacteria are serious human pathogens with antibiotic resistance, and are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. Exposures with a Rife/Bare device produced these results (OPEF = Oscillating Pulsed Electric Field) :

“A bacteriostatic effect was observed when the bacteria were exposed to OPEF only, with a significant reduction in the growth rate of the cultures… OPEF in a frequency range of 100 ± 150 kHz reduced the growth rate of bacteria equivalent to the effect seen with the antibiotic alone, and when used in conjunction with low concentration of antibiotic, OPEF was lethal to the bacterial cells.”

There are multiple published papers of the synergistic effects of antibiotics and electromagnetic fields. As pointed out in published scientific research, not all fields and frequencies are effective with antibiotics, but Rife/Bare instruments have shown themselves to be effective,  and present a great untapped potential to benefit those with at least two serious antibiotic resistant organisms.  

Dr. Holland’s successes in exposing cancer cells to OPEF’s generated by his Rife/Bare device is well documented on his Novobiotronics.com web site. His work with cancer continues and progresses to this day.

I can go on, but here is what is important. With time, effort, and understanding, continuous refinement of Rife/Bare instruments has occurred. These refinements have resulted in improved  beneficial physiologic effects . Rife/Bare devices have scientifically reported, as well clinically proven, effects from their utilization both in the lab and in vivo. The Rife/Bare instruments available today, due to their constant development, are 4 generations or more advanced than the original instruments of a quarter century ago. Rife/Bare instruments seek their own path, a path that began in events of the past, but primarily following the illuminated way of scientific understanding and modern technological advancement.