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Our newsletter this month will explore the Wellness Wheel and how using it can balance your health and life.

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Part 3 of this series is now online !

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Months have now lapsed since our last newsletter. Know that in the silence, much has been transpiring.

We have been working conscientiously and diligently in all departments. By refining our processes and products, we continue to provide you with the best customer service possible.

We believe that during these times where so much is unknown, the importance of meeting your needs and responding in a mostly timely manner reduces added stress.  

Your well-being on all levels is important to you, to us, to the planet.  The healthier you are, the healthier we all are. 

With wellness in mind, we have designed another series of short articles. These will be what is being named as the Wellness Wheel. Imagine yourself in the centre of a wheel that has 4 general segments entitled: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and to be secular, we will call this fourth one Mindfulness rather than Spiritual. Our aim is to explore the segments of this wheel as a reflective tool on our own balance in life.

Let us begin….


Edna Anne Tunney
[email protected]

Many of you, or your loved ones, are either on a healing journey, in recovery, or have chosen to use the technology as a complementary tool for maintaining optimal health. The wellness wheel is a visual representation of the areas of our being that come into play when dealing with our overall health.

Wellness or healing requires a holistic approach.  All of these areas of life and health overlap and are interconnected like a spider web. Like a tire in a very cold climate, when a segment is out of balance, the compression or imbalance can create a bumpy ride.

In this 4 part series we will address the following facets of our being:

1 - Mental

3 - Emotional

4 - Mindfulness

It is the hope of the writer that you will be inspired to delve deeper into any of the areas.

About the author

Edna Anne Tunney is a master educator and professional speaker with a keen passion to share her vast experience with PEMF/Rife technology. She provides wellness and frequency introductions for newcomers plus high-level training to those more familiar with this technology. World-wide wellness enthusiasts benefit from her talks by taking away actionable skills, new tools, and fresh motivation to impact their lives.

Part 1


Written by Edna Tunney

The thoughts that are in the mind are reflected in and can directly affect the body.

A positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic attitude is crucial when on a healing journey. It may be a challenge to muster up at times when the road is rough, yet know that you can do it. Adopting an ‘anything is possible’ approach can offer you the strength and courage needed to move you in the direction of experiencing the most benevolent outcome. Seek out and align yourself with supportive practitioners, family and friends.

Indeed, you may find that the above approach could be immensely (just because very is used 3 times in same sentence) helpful in these very current times of global chaos that we find ourselves experiencing. With so much confusion, so much to process and so much to consider regarding the future, one could become overwhelmed. Staying in the ‘moment’ to the best of one’s ability, induces a more calming mind thus enabling the body and emotions to be more calm and at ease.

Stay vigilant towards negative thoughts as these may feed and create feelings that rob you of joy and spiral you down. Having sticky notes with positive affirmations may help to remind you of your innate wholeness, your birthright.
Being aware of the language we use is pertinent to our well being. Our trillions of cells hear ALL that is being said. May the words that flow out be of a harmonious and higher vibrational frequencies. For instance, when making statements of “I am …”, it would be prudent to fill in that blank with words that are positive and uplifting. While your awareness vigilance may require some habit or pattern modification, the rewards will be immeasurable. Life is a journey and change is constant.

Belief systems, conscious or unconscious, can contribute to a physical state of unhealthiness. Stress has been a very well researched area. Where are the origins of stress? Become more aware of what you tell or have told yourself about who you think you are. In all probability conditioning played a major role. Having said that, know that what you have learned, you can unlearn provided you are open and willing to do the work required.

Getting to the root cause of a disorder, especially where one is experiencing ‘irregular cell growth” is very, very important. (Note: the writer is choosing to refrain from using the ‘c’ word in this article).

Think well of yourself and you may be amazed as to how this will facilitate your healing process.

Some supportive sets for enhancing mental well-being:

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333 – Meditation & Relaxation 
615 – Mental Relief
621 – Revitalize – Energize – Concentration.
633 – Realization of Goals
637 – Communication

Dyer, Dr Wayne. Power of Intention
Doidge, Dr Norman.  The Brain’s Way of Healing
Hawkins, Dr David R. Healing and Recovery
Hensley, Dr Mary Helen. Understanding is the New Healing

The information in this email is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition.



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