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"The problem with society worldwide is that we are all taught from the time we are children to utilize chemicals to treat disease. From the time we are conscious, we are told to “see your doctor”. We are told this thousands of times every year and that gets repeated for every years of one’s life until they die. Same goes with “take this medication or pill” for this condition or that condition. Get yourself a blue pill, get this immunization and so on. It never ends: one cannot read a magazine, turn on a TV or a radio and not be subjected to this constant form of message reinforcement. (…) There are many other methods that don’t use chemicals."
Dr. James Bare
Rife Frequency Expert
Rife Machine eBook - Resonant Light Technology


How frequencies resonate with you.

This official paper was produced by a team of frequency experts with over two decades of research experience using a lot of different instruments. If you are looking into Rife frequencies or just interested in the use of frequency technology for wellness, this short read is for you.

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