The PERL and the ProGen are the best frequency machines available.

Here’s why.

  • Tony R.
    I have decided to go with the PERL for several reasons but most importantly it is the support you guys offer that is most important. What good is a machine if a company doesn't help with protocols. I also emailed the [COMPETITOR NAME REMOVED] company with questions and asked about their support. They never even returned my email which was an indication of lack of support if I had bought a machine from them.
    Tony R.
  • Curt B.
    What a bright and shiny representative of RLT. Thanks for having someone like her at the other end. She was gracious, patient, informative and resourceful. Above all, she was sincerely interested in being helpful.
    Curt B.
  • Judy P.
    Dear Marion, Thank you so much. I so appreciate your help. I will consider where might be the best place to insert this program. I am so pleased with the PERL-M. It is a wonderful invention and your company is a wonderful company with very supportive, caring, helpful employees. May this year find you healthy and blessed!
    Judy P.
  • Carol C.
    Dear Susan, my machine just arrived and I am so excited. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. Everyone I have dealt with at Resonant Light has given me outstanding customer support and it all started with YOU - Thank you!
    Carol C.
  • Kathleen R.
    Our PERL-M machine arrived in safety. We had no problem setting it up and putting it to use. We are enjoying the new improvements and are grateful to you for setting up our programs. It is indeed a joy to work with you. Thank you so very much for your kindness and expertise. Blessings.
    Kathleen R.
  • Andrew M.
    I appreciate the time you spent over the phone with me. I'm impressed that your company provides ongoing support for customers getting results and using the machine properly. That is simply outstanding and unique.
    Andrew M.
  • Malcolm S.
    Quick email to say that I received the PERL yesterday. All was intact and spent the day reading the manual. I must compliment you and RLTi, on your attention to detail. The customs manifest was made out perfectly, giving all the detail that was required. The packaging was excellent, as was the labeling. Upon opening the box, I was once again impressed with the attention to detail, the meticulous care that had gone into ensuring that the product was serviceable and good to go. Sadly, these kinds of standards have long since fallen by the wayside in the greater commercial sector. I must say that I am thrilled with the device, and also with your support.
    Malcolm S.
  • Jan L.
    I thank you so much for your speedy and lengthy response to my questions. Excellent customer support is alive and well! Best to all of you up yonder!
    Jan L.
  • Mary F.
    Eddie [the owner of the company] is such a gem. I can see how and why everyone at Resonant Light is such a delight. She reflects the corporate culture I have come to know by interacting with everyone at your company.
    Mary F.
  • Ian F.
    I have had 6 progens running 6 hours a day 5 days a week for over 10 years without a single breakdown or problem of any kind. The quality of your equipment is truly astounding!
    Ian F.
  • Lisa P.
    Hi Marion, Yes, Pedro and I spoke last evening. Thank you so much for following up! I wish more companies had customer service as fantastic as yours! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
    Lisa P.
  • George N.
    I also just received the [email] stating the customized program .pdf files. This is far more support and better organized than I ever expected. I am very impressed so far. I don't remember seeing HF frequencies of 150kHz to 200kHz used before. A lot of interesting reading to keep me busy on a complex subject. Thanks again.
    George N.
  • Jason C.
    Thank you Connie, Edna, and your team, for your exceptional customer service.
    Jason C.
  • Peter P.
    Thank you everyone who helped with getting my new perl as fast as you could. A special thanks to Nathan. Let the owner know Nathan deserves a raise.
    Peter P.
  • Donald T.
    Regis [our dog] is enjoying his continued light sessions again, and he responds so well. I can't thank you enough for all the extra effort you spent with me on getting this old machine working again. I'll say it again . . . you're the best!
    Donald T.


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