Premium Rife Machines & Frequency Generators

Resonant Light Techology supports the important work done by Electroherbalism, Nenah Sylver, James Oschman and other pioneers in this ever-evolving industry.

We believe your Rife machine should be reliable, easy to use and built with superior quality. This is why every PERL and ProGen is manufactured by hightly trained technicians at our professional facility in BC, Canada to medical standards.

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The RIFE Experts

Premium Quality - The PERL-M:

We manufacture the PERL-M, a premium quality Rife Machine that incorporates over 15,000 weeks of volunteer data and cutting-edge technology since 1996.

This unit is nearly 10 times as effective as the nearest competitor in maintaining accuracy at high frequencies, making it the #1 choice for practitioners.


(pic) Doctor Shardel

“Imagine a future in which a single device could replace the majority of your medicine cabinet - without the side effects."

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