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How frequencies resonate with you

This official paper was produced by a team of experts with over two decades of research experience in PEMF and frequency technology. If you are considering an IMRS 2000 type of device and you want to get the absolute best results from this kind of technology, this short read is for you.

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Years of Experience

We are Resonant Light Technology, considered by many to be the most trusted reference on modern PEMF technology. Our founder, Donald Tunney, hosted the first ever International Rife Conference back in 1997.

Daily Inquiries

We are honest people with honest answers. We assist an average of 300 inquiring minds daily, whether by phone, email, chat or via our website. This amounts to over 100,000 frequency enthusiasts benefiting from our expertise year after year.

Hours of Research

Over the years, we’ve collected over 150,000 hours of research data from lab testing, user feedback, volunteer groups and empirical evidence. We also work closely with Dr. James Bare, one of the most respected experts in the frequency community.

Resonant Light Technology is a Canadian corporation with roots well grounded in the research & development of integrated light and sound technology for the purpose of controlling microorganisms. We have spent over two decades researching the Rife machine and educating people interested in its wellness benefits.

We’re here to assist anyone researching Rife technology by providing quality information, honest answers and direct access to highly trained frequency consultants while offering outstanding support along the way.

Since our inception in 1996, we’ve been a beacon of light to countless frequency enthusiasts worldwide. We would be truly honoured to be part of your journey too.

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