What is the best distance for using the PERL M+ ?

The PERL has a 30-foot (10 meter) usable range, but intensity varies by distance. #

For this reason and because we believe full-body coverage is best, our recommended ideal range is 6-12 feet (2-4 meters).

Why? #

The intensity is higher nearer the device and lower further from the device. That’s just physics.Regardless of whether a user is 1 foot, 6 feet or 30 feet from the device, we always recommend monitoring your own body as to where it feels best.

The signal doesn’t travel well through the aluminum body of the PERL, so to get full-body coverage a user should be far enough from the device that they are not being shaded by the base of the unit.

Consider this: #

The founder of Resonant Light Technology used the 6-12 foot distance in his 6 year, 6-weeks per participant empirical study. Volunteers overwhelmingly reported positive results.

You may be using the device for several hours a day, thus may need to make adjustments or move around. By monitoring how you feel at differing distances, you may find there is a perfect distance or sweet spot for you.

When determining what works best for you and your family members, consider: #

  • How sensitive the user is to the frequencies (sensitive users may wish to place themselves farther from the device)
  • How severe or chronic the condition is (more severe conditions may benefit from closer proximity to the device depending on the detox reaction)
  • Whether the user can see the device (the device should be in “line of sight”)

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