Testimonial for Brian Banichi

“Dear Resonant Light Tech Inc. I am writing you today with much appreciation and enthusiasm following you, and Resonate Lights Inc., generous gift in sending me a ProGen user Kit. I am unable to find the words to truly convey the measures of adequate gratitude that expresses the degree of hope and happiness this gift will be received with. My journey over the past 5 years has been difficult and challenging to say the least.  My perseverance led me to place a call to your company and thus, an exploratory discussion with your associate Brian. More importantly, the connection I felt with Brian was genuine and required for my faith to be committed and restored. Your gift to me is beyond any I have ever received, or imagined, along a difficult fight in order to live. Your company, along side my relationship with Brian championing me, has restored my will to suit up and jump back in the trenches to fight once again. The grace bestowed on me will not go unanswered. For the first time in 5 years a new chapter is about to begin. My loyalty and determination, has, and is, yours to guide and accept. With Resonating Respect”

Source: Gerald
Serial# PG3-280410
USA January 30, 2019