Testimonial for Brian Banichi

“My husband was having some serious health issues so I was researching and found “Resonant Light” on my computer. The video was talking about how radio frequencies were actually Helping with many many health issues and I requested more information. I got a call from a God send named Brian Banichi with “Resonant Light” and immediately felt so comfortable with him and he was so patient with my hundreds of questions. We decided to purchase the Perl M with 3 Progens. It was a little scary making a large purchase from Canada but it was one of the best decisions we have ever made!! You know how it usually goes….the rep is so awesome until you make the purchase and then you never hear from them again……Well, all I can say is WOW!! Brian has become like family….he calls often to check on us, makes sure we are comfortable with the machine, sees if we have any questions, wants to know if our results are good…..he is just absolutely amazing!! We LOVE HIM!!! I must say we are so pleased with our Perl M that I would give up my car before I would give up my Perl M (and I love my car!!!) […] I truly believe every household needs one of these machines. I am so thankful for ours and the wellness its bringing to our family!! Thank you Resonant Light and our dear dear friend Brian and the great people in Support for all the help and sincere encouragement… you are greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Olivia”

Source: Olivia
Serial # PM174910
FL, USA Aug 22, 2018