Testimonial for Brian Banichi

Hi Brian,

I had a chance to review the schedule I received yesterday for the the procedure and if I receive the machine in a week or so I am actually going to be out of town visiting my daughter next Thursday thru the following Wednesday. 

That does not give me any time to use the machine during those first 60 days. 

I think it would be best that I wait to purchase the PERL at the end of March knowing you will need time to program the machine and it takes a week or so for me to receive it. Once I get back home I am not supposed to do anything or go anywhere for at least a week.  This is where I think the PERL is going to be great.

I am very thankful and grateful to have run across Resonate Light and you in particular to attempt to work with me and expedite things so quickly. Tells me a lot about the character of both you and the company.

I hope this change is not a huge inconvenience and look forward to working with you at the end of March purchase.

One final question. At what point does the 60 day period begin, the date of purchase or the date of delivery of the PERL.

It has been a pleasure working with you personally and the lady who answers the phone is very delightful and a gem for the company. Being in business for the past 30 years, I know how hard it is to find good people especially those who have contact with customers.”

Source: Rich,
Serial # PM154620,
IL, USA, February 25, 2016 —