Testimonial for Brian Banichi

“To whom it may concern,

I wanted to share my positive experience with you…

After very long and intense consideration, I finally decided to purchase the PERL+. It was a difficult and agonizing decision with all the confusion I experienced due to the many PEMF products out there on the market and their incredible claims. My head was spinning to say the least by the time I found your website.

Fortunately Brian was there to thoroughly educate me and walk me through from the very beginning. I am not an easy sale and I know that, but Brian was extremely patient with me and spent hours at a time for days answering all my questions as well as providing me with the necessary information and details that I required in order to feel confident enough to pull the trigger. I must say, he worked very hard for this sale, yet seemingly effortless and very natural for him.

He was incredibly knowledgeable about the product and clearly has a passion and belief in its purpose. So much so that I honestly thought that he was the owner. He really impressed me in all aspects of my experience with him. Always very pleasant, positive and up beat, I found his customer service to be impeccable. I didn’t feel as though he was a salesmen, I felt more like he was a friend who genuinely cared about my welfare, always going above and beyond. And he never once made me feel pressured.

You are very fortunate to have an employee like Brian who represents your company and purpose so well. In the event that perhaps you didn’t realize just how much of an asset he really is, I felt compelled to let you know. Brian is an awesome representation and reflection of Resonant Light and having him as employee speaks volume about your company.

Sincerely, Robin”

Source: Robin,
Serial # PM183018
MA, USA Nov 07, 2018

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