24 Years Resonating With You

Our Company

We are Resonant Light Technology and we love what we do. We are located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. We reply to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Our Mission

We’re here to help and educate people. For 24 years, we’ve been a beacon of light for countless frequency enthusiasts worldwide. We would be truly honoured to assist you on your journey too.

Our Passion

People. Interacting with you gives meaning to everything we do and hearing your success stories fills us with a joy that words can’t even begin to describe.

Edna Anne Tunney


Edna is the heart of Resonant Light Technology. She is a master educator and trained speaker with a keen passion to share her vast experience with frequency technology. She leads the Resonant Light team with a healthy dose of compassion and professionalism.

She also provides introductions for newcomers plus high-level training to those more familiar with this technology. World-wide audiences benefit from her talks by taking away actionable skills, new tools, and fresh motivation to impact their lives.

Donald L. Tunney


Don Tunney, the founder of Resonant Light, was an important pioneer in the industry. In those early years of the mid 90s, Rife’s work and name were almost unknown. There were a few frequency instruments on the market; many were ineffective and flaunted having capabilities they did not possess. There was a lot of negativity about all things pertaining to Rife. Some of this negativity came from inside a small group of people that were working with what they claimed were “Rife devices”. Needless to say, I ran into opposition from several sources when I first came on the scene.

Don used the internet to bring forth the worldwide respectability and renewal of interest in frequency therapies to hundreds of thousands of people. He was instrumental in encouraging and helping to nurture development of the fledgling resonant frequency therapies community. A short few years later, Don founded Resonant Light Technology and decided to begin manufacturing his own devices. The early Rife instruments were simple and based upon available components. Don soon saw the need for purpose-made components and took the time, effort, and money, to see that they were developed. He also introduced protocols and frequencies for the community that are used to this day in his legacy device, the PERL M+.

Continuous development has occurred over the following decades. Improvements were based upon lessons learned from actual application and new discoveries, which have continuously improved his original devices. New developments in electronics, along with deeper understandings of physiological processes behind the effects, are the driving force of advancement. We are now literally generations removed and improved from that simple early unit created back in 1995.

The PERL M+ is a modern research device, based upon more than 25 years of development of my original discoveries. The PERL M+ didn’t get as good and effective as it is overnight. A lot of hard work and effort on the part of Resonant Light has gone into making improvements and what are now multiple generations of devices.

A great, state of the art device is just one part of the overall aspect to a frequency instrument. Resonant Light Technology is also the industry leader in customer service. Their multi decade commitment to helping their customers effectively utilize their instruments has been critical to the long history of successes the PERL M+ has achieved. As Don used to say “The device is always working” meaning that one must be able to apply it effectively. Don’s legacy lives on not just through the devices, but also through commitment to counselling and assisting Resonant Light customers in the use of their devices.

– Dr. James Bare

Dr. James Bare

Rife Technology Expert

Our Plasma Devices Over 24 Years


First Prototype

Don with his very first Rife machine prototype based on Dr. James Bare’s designs.

R.B.T. #5

The final version of the Rife-Bare-Tunney device, which used two plasma tubes to broadcast its frequencies.

R.B.T. #1

Don kept improving Dr. Bare’s design so much that a new device came to light, the Rife-Bare-Tunney (R.B.T.) machine.

Classic PERL

The Photon Emission Resonant Light (PERL) device improved every aspect of the R.B.T., in a much lighter and portable package.

R.B.T. #2

Don started experimenting with different frequency generators and different plasma tube shapes for optimal results.


Introduced multi-signaling and our revolutionary U-shaped plasma tube for a quieter, yet more powerful instrument.

R.B.T. #4

The most realized and popular iteration of the R.B.T. The original prototype has now grown to become an industry standard.


The PERL-M received a major internal spec bump to become the PERL M+, the best PEMF/Rife machine available today.

Our Frequency Generators Over 24 Years



Emits a single frequency at a time, & requires manual entry of each… and an egg-timer.


Added wave packets, a timer and simple programs. Only emits square wave shapes.

ProGen I

Runs programs one at a time. Multiple wave shapes available. Limited to 50% duty cycle and max 9Hz pulse (gating).

ProGen II

Customize & run multiple programs. Sweep, pulse to 1000Hz & 10-90% duty cycles. Capacity of 40 frequency Sets.

ProGen 3

Maximum output of 4,000,000Hz. Contains 2000+ frequency Sets with a 8190 Set capacity. Connects 2 contact accessories.


We spent 24 years researching the use of frequencies for wellness. What we found will surprise you.